Review: Beady Eye -- "Bring On The Light."

If Ian Brown wasn’t proof enough of evolution, Liam Gallagher should cement the debate -- and I like the guy, he's my fave Gallagher even.

Over 15 years ago, Oasis stumbled before Noel Gallagher rescued his little bro from the humdrum world of quarter notes and simple chords to a better world of quarter notes, simple chords, and Noel on lead guitar.

Today, Noel’s departure has freed the rest of the band to ponder life without him, almost as much as it freed Noel to ponder life with even more of him--a good thing to narcissistic Noel.

So from the heady Noel-less brain trust rises Beady Eye, which is essentially Oasis: Liam (vocals), Andy Bell (now on rhythm guitar versus bass), Gem Archer (guitar) and Chris Sharrock (drums).

News of Bell's move showed promise as he was the lead guitarist in the ultimate shoegazer band Ride, whose talents in Oasis were wasted on bass.

Sadly, the anticipation created by this news is short lived.

Beady Eye’s teaser download, “Bring on the Light” (free at, revitalizes pub rock and defibrillates the boogie woogie genre, two things nobody wants. Liam’s channeling of Sir Paul with a “Baby, hold-on/Baby come-on” chorus can’t save this dialed-in dreck.

What separates this from a burnt cdr tossed together by 4 bloated geezers at your “local” is money – granted, the production values are high – just be glad it wasn’t your money.

--Chris Rose

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