Dec. 19, 2010:

4 Horsemen of the Rockpocalypse!

Can Steel Panther Save Rock and Roll?

photos by Chris Rose                   

                 Steel Panther have a lot to get off their, errrrrr, chests

Looking over the top album lists for 2010, it’s glaringly apparent that this decade is off to an insipid and hideous start.

All these too cool for school hipster bands with wispy moustaches, an overarching and over-aching sense of irony, and 70s revival fashion, plucking sad, folksy Americana, awaken the hunger for music with grit and chutzpah.

Blood, sweat, and humping are notably absent in this asexual milieu where irony has ironically castrated its practitioners.  From the ashes of Yacht Rock comes this pencil-necked hipsterfied monstrosity that we’ve coined Cardigan Rock.

You know the bands: Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Bear Hands, Bear In Heaven, Deerhunter, Deer Tick, Deerhoof, Kittens Ablaze, blech.    

Against this vapid tide, we need a sexual re-revolution. We need music of the body and bawdy – not the mind. We need the unabridged and unironic joy that comes from coming.

We need Steel Panther.

That’s right. I said it. Respectfully channeling Sunset Strip hair metal and celebrating bumping, grinding, and sex, these 4 horny horseman of the rockpocalypse serve up the good times all the time, without hiding behind a Penguin classic, bad facial hair or a solipsistic, postmodern sense of self.

Their recent sold-out show at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom ushered in the holiday season with playful ditties like "Asian Hooker," "Fat Girl," "Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'" and "Stripper Girl" from their beautifully bombastic Feel The Steel album.

Steel Panther pay homage to Dio (RIP)

Despite the stage overflowing with female “friends,” Steel Panther were accomplished musicians, albeit not the most astute lyricists, but that can’t be held against them.  With the band oozing artifice, rocking spandex and hairspray, it was reassuring to be a part of something so contrived, yet so genuinely debauched. 

--Chris Rose

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