November 25, 2010: GutterCandy’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Here on American Thanksgiving, we at GutterCandy thought we would pick our musical turkeys of the year – and a couple of things to be thankful for as well.

GutterCandy's Turkey of the Year:

The Arcade Fire: the Arcade Dire, as we like to call them, really dropped a turd this year with Suburbs, a steaming platter of audiocrap full of Wimpy Win Butler’s pseudo-profound epiphanic insights about the ickyness of suburban life.  Tell it to David Lynch, Wimpy! 

This was topped off by a disastrous appearance on Saturday Night Live that even had devout fans of the band recoiling in horror, especially during “Sprawl II,” one of the worst, most embarrassing things we've ever heard from a band that is supposed to be, *ahem,* great (or at least that's what Rolling Stone says).

 Wimpy Win Butler is really pissed at GutterCandy

The song as performed on SNL was an out-of-tune, quasi-reggae MORish piece of fluff replete with phoney “rebellious” lyrics sung by Mrs Win Butler (Regine Chassagne), this era’s answer to Yoko Ono, who sang off key and did pretentious dance moves in an embarrassing display that NBC soon pulled off of YouTube.

Overall, The Arcade Dire are a sickening collision between laughably superficial and goofy French-Canadian culture and a self-important lanky twit from Texas. 

Reason To Be Thankful:

Michael Gira was inspiring leading his reformed SWANS in Manhattan

The SWANS reunion

Seeing Michael Gira lead his reconstituted SWANS at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan was inspiring as hell. 

Gira was in a shamanic trance as he led the band through new songs from their excellent My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky album, as well as numbers from the back catalogue, including a couple thumpers from Children of God.  Phil Puleo, formerly of NYC industrialists Cop Shoot Cop, was a revelation as he pounded the skins and anchored the organized, beautiful chaos that is SWANS.



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